Real-time Workstation Management & Monitoring

  • Automated Windows Updates
  • Next-Gen Antivirus
  • Automatic device discovery
  • User logon/logoff monitoring
  • Software installation notifications
  • Data leak prevention(usb port monitoring)
  • Security Awareness Training

Unpatched Operating Systems or Applications are a gateway to cyber criminals.

Managed Workstations 2024

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Stay Secure – Automated Windows Updates & Security

Powerful does not have to be complicated.

Windows Update Management can be a drain on time and resources as you try and keep on top of patching across all your workstations – particularly when trying to ensure critical updates are prioritized.

Our powerful IT management software automates the Windows update processes, restarts the workstations at a convenient time and notifies of any critical errors so we can remediate before it becomes a problem.

Keep your end-users productive by ensuring their workstations are up-to-date with the latest patches, antivirus, and optimized performance.

With actionable and detailed information on each workstation enrolled, combined with customizable alerts, we can quickly identify problems, communicate with end-users and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.